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Do You Want to Increase Your Clientele and Revenue While Keeping Your Current Clients?

Even if you are currently maxed out with clients, due to attrition and unexpected changes to your business, you might find yourself in a position where you must change your current way of marketing or create and implement an entirely new marketing plan altogether.


As you know, our nation's economy went from being the strongest in the world to one fighting to survive, all within a month's time. Many of us will keep some of our pre-COVID clients and many of us will need to replace them. The only way to accomplish this is by marketing and perhaps implementing strategic marketing plans that we never even considered in the past.


If you want to increase your clientele and revenue while retaining the clients that you have, you must have a strategic plan and well-thought-out tactics (or actions) to accomplish this plan. Your strategies must be centered around achieving a competitive advantage since many other professionals are also targeting the same audiences that you are. This strategy must consider evaluation of not only your competition, but your audience as well. It also requires fully understanding generational and veteran demographics


Your tactics to carry out your strategic plan should be varied, depending upon the specific demographic audience that you are targeting. They might include print or social media, depending again on your audience, and ALWAYS networking.


Your ultimate goal should be to turn potential clients into prospective clients and then into actual clients, while not losing any of the clients that you currently have. This can be a daunting task if you do not fully understand how to successfully market.


If you have an interest in learning more about how to better market your firm, you might want to consider purchasing our new instructional package, "Make Marketing Work for You!".


This package contains:


  • A three-hour audio-visual program that contains information on basic and advanced marketing strategies and tactics, as well as a breakdown of veterans' and generational demographics with specific ideas to target each demographic segment.

  • A PowerPoint pre-designed presentation template that is specific to audiences who are interested in hearing about veterans' benefits as well as a marketing template promoting your program and a recorded DVD of the presenter giving such a presentation at an assisted living facility

  • Tips on marketing to care facilities and to Veterans Service Organizations along with tips on giving a live presentation

  • Marketing handouts and print media advertisement templates

  • VA statistics and demographics as well as many more documents specific to VA


The cost of this complete package is $500.00.


If you have an interest in this comprehensive marketing package, please call Jay McIntyre at 770-591-0260 or email him at

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