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Spring is in the Air!


As I look out my office window this morning, I see an array of blooming daffodils, tulips, and Forsythia.  I also see that the azaleas have buds that will soon be ready to burst into bright red, pink, and white flowers.  In addition, the birds outside my window are feasting at the feeders and starting to collect straw and mulch to make their nests.  I find all these signs of spring refreshing, bringing seeds of hope to what was a somewhat dreary winter.


With the past year of semi-isolation and fears of COVID, I think many of us have forgotten the beauty of life itself.  Personally, I am grateful that spring has brought that memory back.  With each bloom I see and each bird I hear, I am reminded of Alexander Pope’s most famous quote, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.”.  I pray that I will always keep this in my heart.


I hope that you too will enjoy and rejoice in this new season of beauty and hope.


Karen McIntyre

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