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Service Connected

Audio/Video Training Course

A Guide to Understanding Service Connected Benefits


If you are interested in expanding your practice to include service connected claims, or just want to understand these VA benefits so that your clients apply for and receive everything that they are entitled to, you might want to consider purchasing our new comprehensive training program as titled above.

This program is over six hours long and can be played and paused at your convenience.  Its PowerPoint presentation covers basic service connected benefits through those with more advanced issues and has pre-typed notes at the bottom of the slides.

  • Service Connected Disability Compensation

  • Medical Evidence and Documentation

  • Presumptive and Non-Presumptive Claims

  • Injuries and Deaths Related to Malpractice by the VHA

  • Ratings and Special Monthly Compensation

  • Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU

  • Reopening a Claim

  • DoD Benefits

  • Concurrent Retirement Disability Payment and Combat Related Special Compensation

  • Nehmer Claims

  • Special Claims for Children Born with Birth Defects of Vietnam and Certain Korea Veterans

  • Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) for Surviving Spouses, Children, and Parents

  • Special Laws Related to Marriages

  • DIC Rates

  • DIC and DoD Survivors Benefit Plan (SBP)

  • VA Health Care System and Benefits

  • CHAMPVA and Tricare for Life

  • Medicaid and Service Connected Benefits

  • Notices of Disagreements

  • 26 case studies, complete with Questions to Ask of the Client and What to File For


The program also contains:


  • A detailed time sequence, which guides you in skipping to specific sections or forms

  • 20 Handouts related to service connected issues, as well as information on Camp Lejeune the CITI Program, and the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA)

  • 22 Claim Forms with mark-up notes and an audio/visual explanation of each form

  • A listing of miscellaneous and optional forms for specific claims issues

  • A list of supporting evidence for claims

  • Samples of physician's letters for both presumptive and non-presumptive conditions

  • VA Statistics

  • Resources, websites, and references


The cost of this complete package is $850.00.


If you have an interest in this comprehensive marketing package, please call Jay McIntyre at 770-591-0260 or email him at

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