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One of a Kind Comprehensive

Veterans Benefits Software Program


VisPro-VA Direct Portal

for Electronic Claim Submission



Non-Service-Connected Pension Claims

Pension Net Worth and IVAP Calculators

Look-back Penalty Calculator

Service-Connected Disability Compensation Claims

Dependency Indemnity Compensation Claims

Nehmer Claims

Health, Death and Burial Benefits, Financial Reports,

Fiduciary and Vocational Rehabilitation

Department of Defense Benefits for Retired Veterans,

Client-VA Communication Tracking Log

Direct Links to the C.F.R., U.S.C., and M21 VA Policy Manuals

Direct Links to Associated Legal Documents and Websites

and Much More

Special Section for Professionals


Created by Veterans Information Services, Inc.


For more information and a free demo, please contact

Veterans Information Services, Inc.




Do You Want to Grow Your Practice?


If you want to increase your clientele and revenue while retaining the clients that you have, you must have a strategic plan and well-thought-out tactics (or actions) to accomplish this plan. Your strategies must be centered around achieving a competitive advantage, since many other professionals are also targeting the same audiences that you are. This strategy must consider evaluation of not only your competition, but your audience as well. It also requires fully understanding generational and veteran demographics (if you provide specific services to veterans).


Your tactics to carry out your strategic plan should be varied, depending upon the specific demographic audience that you are targeting. They might include print or social media, depending again on your audience, and ALWAYS networking.


Your ultimate goal should be to turn potential clients into prospective clients and then into actual clients while not losing any of the clients that you currently have. This can be a daunting task if you do not fully understand how to successfully market.


If you have an interest in learning more about how to improve your current marketing plan, you might want to consider purchasing our new instructional package, "Make Marketing Work for You!".


Call us at 770-591-0260 for more information or visit our website at

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