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A Comprehensive Veterans Benefits Software Program

A Simple Step by Step Guide Through the Complicated VA and DOD Forms Related to the Following:

VisPro was created to help professionals and their clients who are veterans and dependents of veterans understand and navigate the complicated VA (and DOD) benefits application process in a simple and easy to use manner.

It explains VA and DOD benefits application forms and questions; line-by-line and step-by-step. It contains a special section to pre-qualify a pension client (complete with an asset  and IVAP calculator), populating client intake forms, thousands of help icons, hundreds of forms, formulas linked to the primary forms, numerous tables and charts, and hundreds of links to legal citations, associated references, and websites.  It also contains a special section specific to attorneys and agents that contains client assessment forms, pre-typed annual self-certification letters, a client disclaimer, and forms specific to professionals.

VisPro offers four separate files that contain all required forms and many optional forms (each with pop-up help icons specific to the form and to the individual questions:

* Non-Service Connected Pension:  Base, Housebound, and Aid and Attendance
* Service Connected Benefits: Compensation, DIC, Nehmer, and Special Benefits for Certain Children of Vietnam Veterans  
* Annual Reporting, Appeals, Fiduciary, Death and Burial Benefits
* Claim Status and Client - VA  Communication Log

VisPro offers three navigational options:

* Menu Option that allows the user to go to the appropriate section containing all required forms
* Forms Option that allows the user to go directly to any specific form, table, chart, or formula
* Citation Option that allows the user to search for specific legal and policy citations


All this plus a 1 year subscription to our managed list serve, full tech support, and marketing material customizable for your firm for only $1,495.00.  All upgrades within purchased calendar year are included.

Subsequent annual updates with changes to VA forms, rules and regulations, and pension rates are available at a discounted price.

Bonus Features for VisPro Licensees

Direct electronic interface with the VA for submitting claims and other forms quickly.


Subscription for two staff members for twelve months to one of the nation's largest accredited individuals with over 42 years of accumulative experience with the VA.  Every posting is responded to, typically within 24 hours, many of which have resources and actual legal citations attached.  Any member can respond to another member's question.

Access to our archives website, which contains all previous e-mails alphabetized in folders by subject and broken down into individual files, also alphabetized by subject.  This archives site contains resources such as legal citations, VA directives and fast letters, court cases, and other relevant references.

A one page full color marketing handout that explains non-service connected pension plus A & A and lists the current maximum annual and monthly pension rates.  This handout  is designed to be tailored to market the licensee's personal business.

A one page full color marketing handout that answers the most frequently asked questions related to non-service connected pension.  It, too, is designed to be tailored to market the licensee's personal business.

A subscription to our monthly electronic newsletter:  Veterans Family Matters.  The licensee also has the ability to submit articles for this newsletter that will be linked directly to his/her website; thereby, helping to increase clientele.

A listing in our "Associated Firms" webpage with a direct link to the licensee's website.  Firms are listed by clicking on an interactive map.

What VisPro can do for you

Being a VisPro Licensee:

  • allows you to thoroughly assess your clients for benefits


  • allows you to increase your services; thereby, increasing your revenue


  • provides you with a competitive marketing edge


  • Provides the ability to electronically submit a claim for benefits without the need for faxing or mailing


  • provides you with free marketing materials that can be customized to your specific business


  • allows the user to assess each client for benefits, while remaining within the law


  • helps to keep you apprised of all new regulations and policies


  • walks your staff or client through the entire application process in an easy step-by-step manner, helping to ensure the claims are completed correctly


  • gives you a forum through its managed list-serve to discuss VA, VA planning, DOD, Medicaid, and other issues with your peers


  • provides you with an archives of all previous list-serve postings, citations, VA fast letters and directives, and other references that are easily accessed through folders and files alphabetized by subject


  • provides you and your staff with a free 90 minute audio/video tutorial on both the software and list-serve archives site that can be accessed at any time


  • gives you the opportunity to have VA agents with more than 40 years combined experience  in claims personally assist you free of charge with your questions on a daily basis


  • allows your valuable time to be spent with clients, instead of completing forms


  • provides easy calculating formulas to asses your client financial qualifications


  • provides you with many tools such as a Care Expense Statement for paid services, and written agreements between you and your client spelling out your responsibilities

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