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Live Monthly CLE Accreditation Webinars


Each Meets the Requirements for

Accreditation Hours Pursuant to 38 C.F.R. § 14.629

(3.0 CLE hours, approved by the Missouri State Bar and countable toward federal CLE hours for VA accreditation)


*Includes 100 slides that can be either printed or left in electronic format with special icons so that your notes can be typed on each slide.

This program makes an excellent study guide for non-attorneys wishing to become accredited.


Each webinar meets the requirements set forth in 38 C.F.R. §14.629 related to the maintenance of VA accreditation; however, these webinars cover not only statutory requirements for accreditation maintenance but also practical information that can be used by you and your staff such as:

  • special hints related to representation

  • how to submit claims most effectively

  • who can sign specific forms

  • problems with specific forms

  • using formulas and calculators for pension planning purposes

  • trusts and annuities and their effect on VA pension

  • providing the best medical evidence

  • marital issues effecting specific claims

  • hints related to winning an appeal

  • how to handle debt notices

  • Medicaid and how it interacts with VA benefits

  • and much more


All materials are in pdf format and include:


  • 100 slides with comprehensive pretyped notes

  • colored icons so that you can type your personal notes onto each slide

  • hundreds of handouts, including forms, templates, court cases and other legal documents, and detailed explanations of specific issues including those related to DoD benefits

  • the latest veteran statistics

  • summaries, outline, and information related to obtaining state bar credit


The cost of the webinar and its materials is $450.00 with up to five staff members in attendance. There is a small charge for staff members exceeding five. If you would like a private webinar for your firm, there would be an additional $100.00 charge.

We accept most all major credit cards.

See the 2024 schedule below.

To register, call Jay McIntyre at 770-591-0260.

Program Content

Representation Before the VA
Claims Procedures
Eligibility for Benefits
Rights to Appeal
Non-Service Connected Pension plus A&A
Service Connected Compensation, DIC, Nehmer and Other Service Connected Benefits
DoD Benefits for Retired Veterans

2024 Schedule

Dates and Times are Subject to Change

(email us at or call 770-924-3253 for private sessions)

All webinars are from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday, July 23


Thursday, August 1

Tuesday, August 20


Tuesday, September 10

Tuesday, September 24


Tuesday, October 1

Tuesday, October 29


Wednesday, November 6

Tuesday, November 19


Tuesday, December 3

Thursday, December 19

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